0x8004102A- Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Error-Outlook 2010/2017

Description of Outlook Hotmail Error 0x8004102A :

This article describes the Outlook Hotmail  Error code 0x8004102A. if it is not working properly or throwing an error while installing, updating,  launching/opening, performing an action like sending or receiving emails, configuring emails etc.

Disclaimer:  Fixing an error on Outlook Hotmail deals with your emails and attachments. Please backup your emails and it’s folders before you proceed. If you are not sure about the procedure, contact the technician for the support.


Outlook Hotmail Error code 0x8004102A

Outlook Hotmail Error code 0x8004102A
SourceSystem Error
DifficultyVery Hard
Avg. Time to Resolve Issue 50 mins
Log NameMicrosoft Outlook 5.17
Operating SystemWindows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
LevelMemory Level
UserOutlook username

This solution applies to the following version of Microsoft Outlook:

Outlook 2007Outlook 2010
Outlook 2013Outlook 365
Outlook 2016Microsoft Office (2013/365/2016)

The cause of  Outlook Hotmail Error Code 0x8004102A : 

  • Internet connectivity issue
  • Temporary files location is infected with active threat

How to fix Outlook Hotmail Error  0x8004102A :

The error is reported when the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector  Account syncing changes to a folder and cannot find the folder in the Outlook Client. We solve this error by using we try to fix the send/receive.

1.Start Outlook in Safe Mode:

  • Open Run Window through the Windows Key +R.
  • Then Enter the “Outlook/safe” and click Ok.


2.Check system Integrity: 

  • Open the ‘Run‘  Windows and enter the ‘cmd’ and then click OK.


  • In a command prompt copy the following command and enter each command
sfc scan

SFC scan

The system will take some time to check. Let it run for a while. If it finds any issues in “os” integrity it will automatically fix it.

3.Check Proxy server settings:

Open the Internet Explorer and then click Tools option, after that click Internet option then you go to the connections button and click it.

proxy settings

proxy settings

1.First, click on the dial-up “Settings” button and be sure “Automatically detect settings” is on.

Note:    Proxy server checks if any case it can not check that means uncheck the proxy server

2.Then click on ‘LAN’ settings button and check ‘Automatically detect settings’.

Note: Proxy server checks if any case it can not check that means uncheck the proxy server

3.Then click “Apply” then “Okay” and see if your Outlook is working then.  If not, go back, Enable the proxy option, Apply, then DISable again.

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