how to perform sfc scan

How to perform system file scan(SFC SCAN)

This command will help to check the inconsistencies with the system files health. It needs to be run from a command prompt window opened with administrator privileges. The command which needs to be executed is


That is useful to check and fix the system file issues.

CONDITION 1: During some cases, there will be a result shown as corrupted files found during the scan process and they cannot be fixed.

CONDITION2: The system file checking may also result as corrupted files found during the scan process.

CONDITION3: The system file checker scan also shows as some of the corrupted files found and they are fixed.

CONDITION4: Windows resource protection could not start the repair service .

CONDITION5:  Windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation.

The reasons for Office installation or any file opening errors may also occur due to the corrupted files and it needs to be fixed.

There are many ways to fix it out of which the last attempt is to perform a clean installation of windows.

The reasons for these corruptions is due to the system memory issues and temporary or junk files.

The temporary files usually are formed when we install any application or perform any operation with a WIndows program.

These files acquire the required data bases and link the files to make a program to open and work. However after closing the program, there will be an issues with the leftover system files.

These files can be namely be with extension .tmp or temp. The temporay files can also be inside the temp folders in the user profile Local app data or the system folder Windows inside the C drive.

The issues can be cleared by performing a PC Optimization using a disk cleanup tool.

Disk cleanup utility can be accessed through the This PC properties icon.