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Microsoft Office has gone cloud after releasing the latest office versions like Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2016.


The Cloud services work in such a way where Microsoft One Drive is linked to all the office programs like Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Power Point, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office publisher, Microsoft Office Visio, Microsoft Office Access.

The advantage with this integration feature is that an user can save the files directly into the one drive storage space. The one drive is automatically linked to the user’s Microsoft Account.

Microsoft Account is mandatory for activating or purchasing office products. This account can also be created with the same existing emails of the users. Any personal email account can be used to create a Microsoft Account.

If a product is assigned by the administrators from the University or a Company. The account will remain as a key by the administrators. The account related support like activation or the license status can be managed by the corporates. If a user has purchased a Office 365 University version individually, the license will remain for 4 years and the product can be managed from the Microsoft Account.

If an user received the product as a HUP from their office means that the product is owned by the user and has can be managed by the usehen if the user is not associated with the same company. If the product is a subscription based, there is no warranty for the licensing status if the user quits the company.

Microsoft Outlook will not store emails on the cloud that is on one drive unless users manage to store the personal folders in regular intervals. If the outlook is created with IMAP protocol, the emails can be always downloaded automatically if the outlook is reinstalled in future. This applies to exchange server email protocol as well.

POP3 emails have to be taken care by the users to save their email data or the personal folders. The advantage of POP3 is that the emails are accessible even if there is no internet connection. Note that the exchange server and IMAP policies remains with the email providers and the settings that are done. That emails deletion policies have to be checked before configuring IMAP protocol for Outlook.

This website is intended to provide support for all Microsoft Office products and Windows issues including Outlook email and word, excel, powerpoint, visio and access.

The different versions of office are Home and Student edition, Home and Business edition, Professional plus, Office 365 Home, Office 365 personal, Office 365 enterprise.

The above packages and features are specified in the Microsoft pages,

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